You can now get relationship predictions from the # of segments and total cMs. It works much better than expected. The data come from a peer-reviewed source. Other predictors use simulated data from 2016 or earlier.


This tool is similar to the above relationship predictor except that it includes 3/4 siblings, double 1st cousins, and many other double cousin relationships. You can’t find these in any other relationship predictors.

segcm for two siblings

You can now get improved relationship predictions by entering the amount of DNA you and a sibling share with an unknown match.

AYPR/ROH Predictor

After using the GEDmatch “Are Your Parents Related?” tool, the best thing to do next is to enter the cM amount directly into this tool.


How much of an ancestor’s DNA do you have? How much would you be able to reproduce if you and various relatives all had your DNA tested?

Unweighted PREDICTOR 

This is the same as the regular relationship predictor except this one doesn’t have population weights applied to the data. By comparing other predictors to this one and SegcM, you can see which ones have population weights and which don’t. For example, the MyHeritage predictor and another one frequently called “beta probabilities” very closely resemble the unweighted predictor.