You can now contribute to a DNA match survey that will be used to develop better tools for genetic genealogists:…/1FAIpQLSd8GKIiL9n…/viewform…

There are multiple benefits of submitting data to this survey:

• It collects a comprehensive set of data that will improve our ability to conduct studies and build tools. Several hundred data points have already been used to improve the new tool, SegcM for two siblings.

• Each submitter leaves an email address, so any erroneous submissions can be corrected or removed. This avoids a submission like a full-sibling who shares 1,600 cMs, which is actually most likely a half-sibling. The response rate so far has been very high when clarification was needed from submitters.

• Anyone can inquire if they’ve already submitted data, which avoids duplicate data. Algorithms have been written in Python specifically designed to detect duplicate data from this survey. Two data points that were clearly duplicates, and as confirmed by the submitters, have already been removed.

• Advanced statistical techniques are being used to remove outliers only when they meet very rigorously defined criteria.

• All data are welcome. There’s no need to submit data to separate forms for endogamy or pedigree collapse. You can just submit them all here.

This survey is being conducted scientifically and will benefit the community for decades to come.

You can download a CSV file for Ancestry or 23andMe to enter bulk submissions:



Other files will be made available upon request.