Please freely share links and screenshots to the tools and tool results on this site. If you give credit for where you obtained the results, which is the nice thing to do, the preferred method is with a link, the second most preferred method is by crediting “SegcM,” and the third most preferred method is by crediting “DNA-Sci.”

The remaining text of these terms and conditions address a fraudulent study that attempted to compare relationship predictors. While so far these terms and conditions have prevented the progenitors from dishonest comparisons involving SegcM, they have released data dishonestly claiming that a MyHeritage predictor is less accurate than other tools by metrics such as the probability assigned to the correct relationship, when the MyHeritage predictor is actually far more accurate by those metrics when applied evenly and honestly.

As of 22 March 2023, it’s a violation of the terms and conditions of this site to submit data from any tool on this
site (except the one linked to here) to a comparison study that expresses now or has ever expressed in the past plans to make either of these two comparisons:

(1) The probability that one tool assigns to an individual relationship compared to the probability that another tool
assigns to a group of relationship types.

(2) A comparison of whether one tool lists the correct individual relationship within
the top n possibilities and whether another tool lists the correct relationship group within the top n possibilities, where n is any number.

By using the tools on this site, you agree to not submit data from this site to such a comparison study.